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I stumbled upon this older article on web standards and web design:

A comprehensive, opinionated and entertaining article, and a special pleasure to read if you’ve been through a similar journey (I sure have). <font> and <center>, table layouts, frames, the terror regime of Internet Explorer, DHTML, and the bumpy road to modern CSS: it’s all there.

It ends with a little catalogue of all the nice things we have now – something I still want to fully catch up with, one day…

Case study: 1996’s’s markup. Image by eevee, see the article

A great read with a cherry on top: In the comments, the very people responsible for some of the milestones of web technologies chime in, casually mentioning things like “Oh, this is my fault” or “Actually, I invented that”!

(via /r/programming; old Hacker news discussion, current)

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