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February 2024



Sorry for the pun. I had to get this out of my system, and I needed the distraction…

If you blink, you don’t see them blink…

I actually didn’t know that!


Feeling stupid is refreshing.

In unrelated news, it was only yesterday, after nearly a year, that the wordplay in the title Cycle-Op dawned on me, when it was spelled out during the Meteoriks nominees revelation gala.

I mean… the title screen might have been a hint! :)

The other day, I realized the trusty old Amiga file manager “CLImate” is pronounced like, well, climate. To us, as German teenagers in 1989, it has always been “C-L-I mate”, pronounced “tseh el eeh mate”…

I learned this when binge-reading some of the numerous insightful and charming articles at and ended up at util disks. (Warning: You will get stuck on that site for hours if you love retro and Amiga stuff!)

Sweet! Worms VBI has been nominated for the 2024 Meteoriks Awards in the “Outstanding technical achievement” category!

My new 512-byte Amiga intro won 2nd place in the 512 byte olschool competition at Lovebyte!

It’s not a firework of effects, but very relaxing to watch: Read the strss write-up.

Sidebars and blog navigation updated, after several revisions. That shit’s hard!

Blog month and category center pages have pretty pictures now. Do they still call it “center pages”? At least in my time as a student webmaster we called them that… in 1998. :)

(Insert snarky “What’s a webmaster?” comment here.)

There’s a new TrueType version of the original Amiga Topaz font, but with a lot more glyphs than the original! (In Unicode terms, it only covered the first two blocks of the Basic Multilingual Plane: Basic Latin and Latin-1 Supplement.)

It’s got proper ăcçěñtş and “quotes”! Even block drawing characters, and much more…! Plus, it’s oldschool, deliberately choosing the older Topaz variant with serifs instead of the newfangled sans-serif typeface from 1990. What’s not to love?

With the right font size, it even renders crisply. Perfect!

Download: topaz-unicode by Screwtape on GitHub

(via Andrew Lemon)

@AndroidArts posted a nice-looking Amiga boot screen, and I wanted to find out if you can actually replace the built-in screen: Modding the Amiga boot hand

Spoiler: It’s possible! :)

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