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March 2024




Although local-variable type inference has been added to Java back in 2018, its opponents still seem to be vary very angry about it…

Then, of course, there are those who hate Java altogether. Can’t blame them, really – as with any programming language. :)

Nichts darf man!

I was rewatching War Games the other day when I noticed a peculiar sign in the nuclear silo two minutes in:

Wait, you can’t do what now?

That’s… oddly specific. Also, when you’re doing that, aren’t you discharging already? :)

Die Demoscene-Kolleginnen Shana und Psykon haben einen Vortrag über Demos auf exotischen Plattformen gehalten, und es ist alles dabei: vom LED-Apothekenschild übers C64-Diskettenlaufwerk (ohne den eigentlichen C64, mit Sound aus dem Laufwerksmotor!) bis zur „Handarbeit“ am Overheadprojektor. Dass 420 Years of Teletext dabei die Fahne für Teletext hochhalten darf, ist natürlich geilo (ab Minute 4:00).

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To celebrate the Meteoriks nomination, I’ve recorded a little gameplay-only video of Worms VBI. I think everyone can enjoy a little match of cute worms fighting each other with dynamite and bazookas in these dire times!

Full video on YouTube or as a direct link. May contain inappropriate chuckles and heavy breathing…

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