heckmeck! in 1999

Aaah, web design in the lates 1990s! Home pages were all the rage, weblogs (or “blogs” for you youngsters) were not really a thing yet, and I was proud to even have my own domain to point to to my own home page!

Here is a screenshot of heckmeck! back then – some of the referenced content is still online!

heckmeck.de in 1999
Someone discovered the lighting filters in Photoshop

Javascript was used to display a humorous subtitle, and the code still works. Try it out (German only):

Eine Homepage wie…

Bonus content: Managed to get the referenced “Psychotest” to work (German only): Psychotest starten

From a web developer perspective, the HTML markup is a treat as well: Table-based layouts (what else?), <font> tags everywhere and each non-ASCII characters encoded as HTML entity, and transparent pixels for spacing. State of the art for 1999, I guess.

<title>Heckmeck! Lossos Mist-Homepage</title>


<meta name="DESCRIPTION" content="Wohin verschwinden immer die
  Socken in der Waschmaschine? Ist das Internet wirklich eine Scheibe?
  Ist Gott ein 20jähriger Informatikstudent? Hier lauern die Antworten!">


<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2" border="0" width="160">

<tr><td bgcolor="#edbe1a" align="center"><font
  face="Verdana,Arial,Helvetica" size="1"
  color="#000000"><b>S E R V I C E</b></font></td></tr>

<tr><td valign="top" bgcolor="#775fa0"><table><tr><td>
  <font face="Verdana,Arial,Helvetica" size="1">
  Tatataaa: Es gibt endlich wieder einen
  <a href="javascript:popwin('psycho.html',420,440)">neuen
  Psycho-Test</a>: "Bist du ein Tierfreund?" Gleich abchecken!


It even used CSS! Only to disable underlined links, though:

<style type="text/css">
 {font-family : Verdana, Helvetica, Arial;
  font-weight : bold;
  text-decoration : none;
  color : #ffff80;}
 {font-family : Verdana, Helvetica, Arial;
  font-weight : bold;
  text-decoration : none;
  color : #ffff80;}

As of today (08-Aug-2023), the referenced website about Bierology, the beer religion, is still online, too.