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DPaint JS

It’s been out for some time now, but watching the timelapse of Steffest’s compo-winning oldschool graphics entry The Old Man and the Muse made me take a closer look at DPaint JS – a modern day re-imagination of DeluxePaint in the browser.

While still in Alpha (according to the version number), a mind-boggling amount of work has been put into it already. It even features a built-in Amiga emulator (via SAE) to preview your artwork in the original DeluxePaint II!

I will need to get more familiar with this tool (having the original DPaint workflow and keyboard shortcuts in muscle memory, encountering the occasional odd circle, needing to grasp how brushes work here), but it already beats Photoshop and DeluxePaint itself for my own puny pixelling needs: Layers! Mousewheel zooming! And right-click colorizing, as God intended! :)

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