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Wouldn’t it be cool to observe your Amiga’s memory while it’s running?

You bet! Try it out at – a browser-based Amiga emulator with live monitoring, based on vAmigaWeb.

Click to lauch

Currently, it’s basically a live memory monitor, with a little helper function to locate bitmaps in memory. You still have all the features of vAmiga resp. vAmigaWeb: ROM selection, launch disk images or executables, manage emulator snapshots, some DMA monitoring, and a debugger shell – all thanks to the work of Dirk Hoffmann and mithrendal.


  • Draggable memory monitor (mouse wheel adjusts width)
  • Clickable memory overview
  • Bitplane guesser (by recording all bitplane DMA accesses per frame)
  • Targeted for classic Amigas: OCS, 68000, 512+512 KB memory configuration

I might add some more debugging features – like a copperlist debugger, to live up to the name. :)


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