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Alexander Grupe

Amiga BBS ANSI animations

A blast from the [insert modem screech sounds] past! Here are some ANSI animations made for various Amiga BBSes in the mid-1990s, rescued from a 30-year-old hard drive.

It’s how my brother and I secured free-leech access to, erm… exciting zero-day public domain software! My brother would sit down and paint some 1337 ASCII logos and drawings (often by the SysOp’s requests), and I would colorize and animate them in a text editor by inserting ANSI control sequences by hand: Foreground color X here, cursor position Y there, et voilà!

Note: The Phantasm logo wasn’t animated by me, but by ray/Phantasm. The last animation is by Hijack/Arclite and can be found in al-lergy.txt.

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