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1k is no limit

An Amiga bootblock (1012 bytes) for the Deadline 2014 party, mostly coded at the party place. I wanted to test how much music patterns I can cram into a bootblock, and express my passion for cheesy 1990s eurodance techo. :)

A wild cover version appears!

Little did I know, that in the very next year an incredible, bombastic remix by rtificial would enter the competition under the title of “reach for the sky”:

Too bad I had to skip Deadline that year and only learned about this remix some months later… I would have died at the party place!

And finally… Atari! 2600!

Fast forward two years, and yet another cover version of “1k is no limit” appears, this time by XAYAX in the form of a cartridge for one of the most limited platforms around, the Atari 2600 VCS! 128 bytes of RAM and 2k of awesomeness:

Big thanks to SvOlli for the merch and the physical cartridge!

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