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An invitation demo for MountainBytes 2024, released at the Comparade 2023 demoparty, where it won 1st place in the combined oldschool competition.

My first dive into the world of high-end Amiga coding, where RAM is abundant, colors are plenty, and processing power is substantial. Also, you can play back streaming stereo music for a change! And team mate bod delivered a kick-ass tune for that!

Building on Haujobb’s Amiga framework, this was a fun learning experience. There’s still a lot of ground to cover for me (some effects definitely run slower than they should, and I’m not very firm in programming C), but overall I enjoyed all the built-in features the framework provides, like the Rocket integration, the screen modes, palette handling and setup assistance. In the end, I didn’t get the “run the prototype from the same source base” approach to work and coded my own prototype client in Java, but I’ll get there… Being a C-novice, installing Visual Studio code and Qt Creator in very specific versions, setting up and configuring the respective runtimes, compilers and build tools was too much of a pain. At least I found the right spots to integrate some custom assembly code! :)

Also, I could put my new graphics tablet to good use! I was surprised to learn that you can buy a draw-on-the-screen tablet (Wacome One 13) for 200 € nowadays, that’s bonkers! Actually, I thought I had just bought a nice large “normal” tablet for a reasonable price until I unpacked it at home and wondered what that HDMI cable was for…

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