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Alexander Grupe

The “tips & tricks” corner of this old German Amiga magazine is giving off some weird Scientology vibes.

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In the intro text for that month’s collection of code snippets, it reads:

Experts estimate that programmers are merely using 30% of the Amiga. Learn how to utilize the remaining 70% here.

Hmm… where have I read a claim like this before – also in the late 1980s? :)

But, hey! Unlike those poor non-Scientologists who were using only ten percent of their brain, ordinary Amiga coders were already vibin’ at thirty percent in 1989!

I wonder how those numbers have developed since then. Have Amiga programmers become more enlightened and Guru-like, or are we in decline since we offload a lot of grunt work to nifty pre-calculation tools and convenient cross-development setups?

Join the church of Amigology and find out! And don’t forget to order a copy of our worshipped bible, “DMA-netics”, for only 200.00 €!

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