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My first Amiga game!

zerosphere was the winning entry of the interactive compo at evoke 2015, even though it was still in a very early development stage at that time (see here). A lot of bug fixing and new features went into the final version that was released at under construction 2015, and I hope it has turned into a fun little game!

zerosphere as a physical copy

Depending on availability, you can purchase a boxed version of zerosphere from – on disk, on an SD card, on a CD ROM, or a full-blown collector’s edition complete with manual, a poster and a yo-yo! These versions come with completely new levels, CD³² support, new enemies, hiscore saving, and much more!

A beautiful package!


Shortly after the 2015 Christmas release (before the commercial editions), released a cracktro – complete with a trainer for unlimited lives, unlimited time and unlimited squinting, like in the old days! Needless to say, I was blown away!

Trainer by Siriax and Alpha One


My employer invited me to do a little talk about the game at our tech conference, how it came to be and all the Amiga/retro stuff around it (and, of course, what we as IT professionals can learn from it today!). One day I might touch up the slides and expand on the development process a little more. The whole thing was four years in the making!

Foto von © Torben Conrad
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