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Short and sweet – and 3D! An Amiga demo for the 3D competition at Deadline 2018, where it won 1st place. Not really much going on except for the superb soundtrack by bitch and meticulous syncing, but apparently the 3D effect worked really well and captured the audience.

Edit: …captured the audience although the 3D settings were way out of the scientifically backed recommendations of about four lo-res pixels in red/cyan distance; see kb’s anaglyph how-to. Maybe everyone thought: “Wow, this is overwhelming my depth perception, it must be a rad 3D effect”?

To me, the video by topy that came in in 2nd would have been the worthy winner. (The 3D compo is open for all platforms and formats, and there was such a huge amount of work and dedication in that video! Watch it!)

Anaglyph (red/green) glasses recommended for the video:

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