1 Dec 2023
This is relevant to my interests! Reverse engineering of the SAA505 chip (via @ZXGuesser)
20 Nov 2023
Invitation demo for MountainBytes 2024: Accompany Cowee the cow to her first heavy metal festival! Halle-MOO-jah!
29 Oct 2023
¡Guau! My Teletext portrait sinéad was voted first place at the Flash Party in Buenos Aires!
18 Oct 2023
Inventions of the 21st century: Schraubnapf
9 Oct 2023
Feeling X-massy already? Throwback to the 2022 Finnish Teletext advent calendar.
6 Oct 2023
Old new content: A futuristic Teletext logo made for Flash Party 2022, reminiscient of a certain movie…
1 Oct 2023
Deadline party 2023: Made a little brutalist Amiga image in 4,096 bytes: Brutalist Love
20 Sep 2023
Throwback Dezember 2018: eine mysteriöse, aber bestimmt extrem wichtige Notiz: Bitte hier das mit dem wo man mal so dieses dass man mal keine Ahnung wie
13 Sep 2023
Achievement “nerdiest dream ever” unlocked: Was dreaming I mis-read the ANSI command sequence specs, and ‹CSI›2m (“faint”) didn’t just change the foreground color, but also slanted the letters ever so slightly. Vivdly remember pressing my eyes at the screen in disbelief, then shrugging: “Eh, no one will notice.”
12 Sep 2023
Elaborated on hypotrain a bit.
10 Sep 2023
New Amiga 512 byte intro: hypotrain.
1 Sep 2023
Wenn ich mal zu viel Zeit habe: Die GNU-Eindeutschungen („E/A fertig“, „su: Entschuldigung“) auf die Spitze treiben und eine eigene Linux-Distribution bauen, bei der der Superuser „obermotz“ statt „root“ heißt.
29 Aug 2023
Nice pixel bikes at Deutsche Bahn.
21 Aug 2023
New old content: Quine Scarf, Weird Disk, VR Wonders
20 Aug 2023
Start Worms VBI with a gameplay video for context.
16 Aug 2023
Fundstück zur Seite Amiga-Mauszeiger ergänzt: Irgendein Shop verkauft T-Shirts mit meiner verstümmelten Zzz-Version.
15 Aug 2023
Website rewrite seems to be complete. Let’s check all the pages one more time… :)
14 Aug 2023
Write-up on Worms VBI is finally done. Phew! Also kept adding stuff to Arrr512.
9 Aug 2023
Documented a lot of old and recent demoscene stuff: Blood Sugar Rises, Arrr512, 420 Years of Teletext, Rage OS, and many more.
4 Aug 2023
Easy flamingoin’: I’m on ARD Teletext!
30 Jul 2023
“Worms VBI” won the interactive compo at Evoke 2023. What a nice trophy!
16 Apr 2023
Started to work on a website rewrite. This is going to be some work! But something you can do once every 20 years…