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ARD Summer of Teletext

Holy cow, erm, flamingo, I’m on Teletext!

Dan Farrimod (@illarterate, has curated another Teletext art exhibition called “Summer of Teletext” for ARD (DE), Yle (FI) and ORF (AT) – and also asked me to take part! I happily began pixelling, erm, “sixelling”, to use the opportunity to have a silly Teletext picture of my own making being broadcast into my house. On “real”, official Teletext, nonetheless! :) (In contrast to my own text transmissions or hacks.)

Watch it on your Telly, if you can, or online at ARD-Text Seite 848 (broken Teletext emulation), Yle Teksti-TV 837 (sadly, no blinking), teletext@ORF Seite 848 (no blinking, either).

Here’s the original image, dubbed Easy Flamingoin’:

View the source code on

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